Monday, January 26, 2009


Truffles...  I was in soo much trouble this morning!!  Is there ever something you really, really want but you know you shouldn't?  I don't think I told you what happened before my Mommy went to work today.  Okay so last night my Daddy and Mommy made burritos, you know healthy ones with whole wheat tortillas, low fat sour cream and hamburger.  Well they smelled so very delicious.  This morning I was watching my Mommy pack her lunch and she had a left over burrito and she put it in some sort of plastic wrap and then put it her big bad she takes to your house.  Well this morning when she went back to see you and to the potty... I snuck as quietly as I could and put my head in the bag.  I grabbed that burrito and it slid right out of the plastic.... I ate the whole thing!!  Then I ran and hopped on the couch so she wouldn't know.  But as she walked around the corner I saw the plastic lying on the floor!!  Thats when you heard her get mad at me.  Well as mad as my mom gets anyway :)  But then she said she didn't have anything to eat for lunch and I felt really bad... and then she didn't come home for lunch and I thought I had really done it this time.  I was worried she wouldn't come back at all.  Thats why I was so happy to see her this afternoon.  She isn't mad anymore, we even went running together!  It was so fun.  But Truffy's don't let me eat my mommy's lunch anymore...I felt really guilty and it gave me a tummy ache :(  
Love you Truffys... see you tomorrow my bestest buddy!
Sasha Bear


  1. Sasha Bear, Don't feel too badly. You mommy understands how difficult it is for us puppies to control our cravings for nummy food! I thought you were just trying to help out your mommy with her wanting to get skinny. Why do they worry so much about their figures? What is a figure anyway???? I think we look great, don't you? I had fun with you today Sasha. It was fun running in the snow but grandpa didn't like you eating the stick. You were quite ornery today. LOL I love you Sasha Bear and am so glad that you are my bestest buddy.

  2. Hello there, I had to track you down so I could stop by and thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope we can be friends, and I too would have eaten the burrito. he he. =)

  3. We are glad you stopped by. We hope you visit again soon we love to have lots of friends!!!