Sunday, July 26, 2009

Truffs I am on a ROAD TRIP

Truffles, my bestest buddy. I wanted you to know that I am okay and I have not disappeared!! I would have given you a much bigger Sasha hug if I knew I was going to be gone so long! So the other day My Mommy and Daddy loaded all this stuff in the car and I was so sad because I heard them talking about a road trip and I didn't know what that meant... but I was pretty sure it meant I had to stay home.

But I didn't stay home!! Everyday we go on these crazy adventures, like hikes in the rainforest, playing sticky on the beach, eating at little puppy friendly cafes and then every night we sleep in this tent thing which is always close to something fun. In the morning right away I get to run down to the beach and chase thousands of birds!!! It is soo fun! And I get lots of BBQ for being a "quiet puppy" whatever that means.

So I miss you and wish you were with me... but don't worry I am okay! I will see you when our road trip ends! I love you Truffs, give your mommy and daddy a big kiss for me!!


Sasha Bear

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Dog Days

Sasha I just love summer! We get to go on so many walks, play hosey and just lay around outside all day long. It was fun having you stay with me when your mommy and daddy went to the east coast to see your "other" grandparents.

I am so much braver to go in the water when you are with me! It was very hot that day! I have too much hair for these hot days so I am glad that there was a stream to go in.