Monday, January 26, 2009


Truffles...  I was in soo much trouble this morning!!  Is there ever something you really, really want but you know you shouldn't?  I don't think I told you what happened before my Mommy went to work today.  Okay so last night my Daddy and Mommy made burritos, you know healthy ones with whole wheat tortillas, low fat sour cream and hamburger.  Well they smelled so very delicious.  This morning I was watching my Mommy pack her lunch and she had a left over burrito and she put it in some sort of plastic wrap and then put it her big bad she takes to your house.  Well this morning when she went back to see you and to the potty... I snuck as quietly as I could and put my head in the bag.  I grabbed that burrito and it slid right out of the plastic.... I ate the whole thing!!  Then I ran and hopped on the couch so she wouldn't know.  But as she walked around the corner I saw the plastic lying on the floor!!  Thats when you heard her get mad at me.  Well as mad as my mom gets anyway :)  But then she said she didn't have anything to eat for lunch and I felt really bad... and then she didn't come home for lunch and I thought I had really done it this time.  I was worried she wouldn't come back at all.  Thats why I was so happy to see her this afternoon.  She isn't mad anymore, we even went running together!  It was so fun.  But Truffy's don't let me eat my mommy's lunch anymore...I felt really guilty and it gave me a tummy ache :(  
Love you Truffys... see you tomorrow my bestest buddy!
Sasha Bear

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long Walks and Poopie Pick Up

Sasha Bear: I loved our long walk yesterday! It was so much fun running along the path and mommy and daddy were very upset when you went chasing after the large bird. You got your paws very muddy! Hee Hee. I am so glad that they did not stay at the other path where all the big, noisy birds are flying off in to the sky! It was still very foggy there. They took us to where the sun was shining. Ahhh.... it was so nice. I think it is hysterical that they have to pick up our poopie! Why don't they just leave it on the ground? I don't understand. Do you???? Love you! ~Truffles

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun Wednesday!

Sasha Bear: Weren't you so excited when grandma showed up early from work today? I could tell she was planning something fun for us and grandpa. I know she was happy because the sun was out. When we got in the car together with our lunch and went on the big road where we drive fast - I was hoping we were going somewhere fun!!! And yahoooo we got to go up to the big lake and run all over through the woods. We didn't even have to have our leashes on! They were so funny when people would come toward us on the trail and they kept saying "stay" like they could really make us not jump up on the other people! Ha Ha - we just fool them and act like we are listening so we can have a treat and do fun things. If they only knew how we talk about them sometimes. I love you so much Sasha! We had a very fun day together and you were very good not going into the lake after the ducks. I know you wanted to very badly! I was so tired after that long walk and then we went again with your mommy when she got off work. I felt sorry for you because your mommy ran the whole way and you must have been tired. My mommy only jogged and walked so I could be more "rested" than you. Did you see the great big noisy bird on the runway???? It scared me a bit but not too much. I am trying to get braver. I better go as pappa and mommy think I am sleeping. See you tomorrow Sasha Bear!!! Love, Truffs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Blahs

Sasha Bear, I hope you got to go on your run with your daddy tonight. Today was pretty boring at my house, wasn't it? My daddy was tired from work and my mommy had to go on a long drive for work so we didn't get to go on a walk together -you and me. I hope it stops raining soon so we can be outside more. Anyways, I am okay but have cabin fever. Maybe my mommy will let me ride with her to the grocery store. I hope so! Love you. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I really hope that you did not think I was trying to leave you behind today... that would make me so very sad!  When we first started running I was just so excited because we have been cooped up inside for so long,  I didn't look behind me and I just assumed you and Grammy were running too!  Then my Mommy turned and waved and I saw you way behind and turning down another trail!  Then I knew I would have to run as fast as I could make my Mommy go so that we could find you again!  I was so happy to see you when I turned that last little paws just stopped in their tracks to make sure it was you.  I wish we could have sniffed around a little longer.  I think that there were lots of interesting smells by that tall tree.  I know you wanted to stay longer too.  

I always love when we can go out together Truffs.  You are my forever bestest pal.  I think I will see you in the morning and we can be together and wait for our mommy's and daddy's to come home.  Wuv you so much!  

Sasha Bear

Walk or Run - Just Being Together

Sasha Bear - At first today when my mommy couldn't run with your mommy and I had to stay back and just walk I was very sad. My mommy decided to turn around and walk to meet you and your mommy and I didn't understand. But then... I saw you running along side your mommy and coming toward us! I was so very happy!!! There you were my bestest buddy! It was fun to be outside even though it was raining. I love to be with you. Sometimes we can't all do the same thing we may run or walk, but we do our best and enjoy eachother's company. That is what's important.