Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation Fun

Sasha Bear,
You'll never know how happy I was to have you come surprise me when I was on vacation. I love being with my mommy and daddy, but I missed you terribly and was very sad and lonely. I was moping around and I think my mommy told your mommy because a few days later when we were walking back to the cabin someone called my name - - and there you and your mommy were! I has so happy to see you. It is so much funner to have you to run with and play ball with and go in the water with! Although sometimes you drive me crazy and can be a bully - you are still my bestest friend. I love you so much Sasha Bear!!! My mommy said something about giving me a hair cut because it is so warm out. Are Shelties suppose to have their hair cut? I am very nervous!!! Can you talk to your mommy about it for me please? I'll try not to worry as I know worrying doesn't help and my mommy wouldn't do anything mean to me.