Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun Wednesday!

Sasha Bear: Weren't you so excited when grandma showed up early from work today? I could tell she was planning something fun for us and grandpa. I know she was happy because the sun was out. When we got in the car together with our lunch and went on the big road where we drive fast - I was hoping we were going somewhere fun!!! And yahoooo we got to go up to the big lake and run all over through the woods. We didn't even have to have our leashes on! They were so funny when people would come toward us on the trail and they kept saying "stay" like they could really make us not jump up on the other people! Ha Ha - we just fool them and act like we are listening so we can have a treat and do fun things. If they only knew how we talk about them sometimes. I love you so much Sasha! We had a very fun day together and you were very good not going into the lake after the ducks. I know you wanted to very badly! I was so tired after that long walk and then we went again with your mommy when she got off work. I felt sorry for you because your mommy ran the whole way and you must have been tired. My mommy only jogged and walked so I could be more "rested" than you. Did you see the great big noisy bird on the runway???? It scared me a bit but not too much. I am trying to get braver. I better go as pappa and mommy think I am sleeping. See you tomorrow Sasha Bear!!! Love, Truffs.


  1. Hi Truffles!
    Welcome to Dogs with Blogs! It looks like you had a fun day!

  2. Hello ! Welcome to the DWB ! hope to be friends with you & hope you make many more new friends ! Do link us up yeah (:

    Loves & Smoochies ,
    Four Musketeers