Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back on Blog - Busy Having Fun

Sasha Bear - Wasn't it fun to pose with your mommy for my papa's 50th birthday photo! There were so many people at my house. I am glad that you came as it was difficult for me to keep an eye on all those humans! I tried to round them up and keep them all in one place, but they just kept moving all around!

You were sure a spaz up at the ballgame Friday night! I think your mommy was getting very frustrated with you. The blanket episode was hilarious! You kept grabbing it in your mouth and shaking it all around or would lie on it when your mommy tried to lay it out all nice to sit on. LOL! You acted like you had gotten into some catnip! I just layed there looking all nice and pretty when you drove your mommy crazy!!!

Did I tell you that I got to lick the beaters for your mommy and daddy's birthday cakes batter? It was so good!!! Sorry you didn't get any. I love you Sasha! See you tomorrow. Love, Truffs

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