Monday, June 8, 2009



Do you remember my mommy taking this picture? Do you remember where we were? We had just been chased by the ATTACK MULES! And you were trying to round them up do you remember? And my Daddy had to pick you up and run over the fence!! Hee Hee I have to... stop... laughing...I am going to PEE! And I do NOT WANT my DIAPER ON! I do not like that diaper... everyone tells me, "oh Sasha pretty girl with your panties on." I know they are laughing at me... I don't see ANY OTHER pretty girls with panties on! It's so humiliating!

What I wanted to say is that I heard my Mommy and Daddy talking and I think we are going over those big mountains again together... and I think soon! So get your running shoes on Truffles LETS GO GET THOSE ATTACK MULES!

I love you Truffles and our adventures. I am so happy if we get to go together to our sunny place again. I promise to only howl in your ear the last 45minutes! (Oh and I will try really hard not to pee from all the excitement)


Sasha Bear

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